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Probation Confirmation Policy

The Probation and confirmation policy talk about the Probationary period applicable to new employees, the meaning of the probationary period for the company and employee, how the confirmation process will initiate and the steps of the confirmation process.

The probation and confirmation policy is designed to provide sufficient time for a new hire to get acquainted with the company, work, culture and company to evaluate new hire performance and to decide that the hiring of the particular employee was the correct decision or not.

Also, the confirmation process helps in terms of analyzing the new hire performance during the probation period, what are the gaps, analyze new hire qualities and deciding whether the employee should be confirmed in the role or employee is required any training or not.


To define a detailed procedure for review of the probation period and thereafter confirmation of employment in the organization.


This policy applies to all new hire employees in the organization. This policy applies to full-time/ part-time permanent employees. This policy does not apply to consultants or contractual employees.

What is the Probation Period?

The probation period is important from two perspectives. From an employee point of view, the probation period is to understand the company, the culture of the organization, job responsibilities and to understand the expectation of the organization from the role employee is hired. And from the organization point of view, probation period is to analyze that is a newly hired employee is the right fit for a particular role or not. The probation period helps in terms of understanding the new hire expertise, is the new hire can work as per the skill set discussed during the interview stage, analyze the other important aspects as well. Employee’s attitude, team-work, customer communication, team leading skills and many more depending upon the role.

Thus, by probation period helps in terms of assessing the employee based on actual work done in the probation period and ensuring that the new hire is the right fit for a particular role from all perspectives. Also, the probation period helps to identify performance gaps and what kind of training is required.

The probation period varies from 3 months to 6 months depending upon the organization requirement and the industry. In the rare situation and for few positions, the organization follows 1 year probation period as well.

Steps of Confirmation process

Probation Steps

Confirmation process important steps

The confirmation process initiates before 10-15 days from the actual confirmation due date. An organization follows different types of the performance review process.
  • Start with self-review followed by a review from Manager and HOD
  • Performance review by Manager and HOD.
As per the organization practice, the HR department initiates a performance review and the Manager needs to provide the feedback in the “Probation Review Form”. There are different outcome based on probation review.
  • Employee gets confirmed
  • Probation period extension
  • Employment termination

Depending upon the outcome, the HR department will initiate the further process and should issue the letters to an employee.

Steps for Probation extension

  • 1 Appointment and Induction
  • 2 Handover Appointment letter with Probation period details
  • 3 Job Assignment and expectation from the position
  • 4 Completion of Probation Period
  • 5 Performance review by Manager
  • 6 Peformance review meeting with an employee
  • 7 If a new employee does not meet job expectations
  • 8 Discuss the performance gaps and expectations
  • 9 Extend the Probation Period
  • 10 Issue Probation Extension Letter
  • 11 Review the performance again upon completion of the extension period
  • 12 If performance meets the expectations
  • 13 Handover confirmation letter

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