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Manpower Planning or Workforce planning is process of identifying an organization’s human resource requirements and developing plans to ensure these requirements fullfilled to meet organizations strategic objectives. Workforce planning is about making sure: the right people, with the right knowledge, skills and abilities, in the right numbers are in the right jobs, at the right time.

The purpose of workforce planning is to Identify the number of worforce with the types of skill sets required to meet your strategic objectives.

Develop a plan to ensure availability of workforce to meet the strategic objectives.

It starts with setting Strategic Direction- It starts by setting up Business Plan which includes Strategic Objective (Long term) and Performance Objective (Short term)

Analyze Current Workforce, turnover ratio, Identify skill gap, plan the new addition required as per business plan and conduct workforce analysis

Develop Workforce action plan to fullfill the requirement. This includes recruitment planning, training plan to bridge skill gap, Organization restructuring, outsourcing, Succession planning or technology automation.

Implementing workforce planning – Ensure detailed plan is communicated well to team, everyone in team has understood their role and proper coordination is done to ensure Workforce planning to properly executed to achieve strategic objective.

Monitor evaluate and revise – This includes tracking the progress against the milestones, evaluate the plan for continuous improvement and revise it to meet the strategic

Manpower Planning provides strategic base to make right Human resource Decisions.

Right Manpower planning allows organizations to be more proactive.

It allows organization to effectively utilise their workforce by effectively aligning the workforce with strategic objectives.

It helps organizations to project their workforce requirement for budget purpose.

Workforce planning also helps organization to plan their budget on tranining, retention, employee engagement and automation tools.

numbers of appropriate qualified employees are available to meet USGS goals and objectives. Succession planning efforts translate strategy into action by building a pipeline/talent pool to ensure continuity, developing potential successors in ways that best fit their strengths, identifying the best candidates for mission critical positions, and concentrating resources on the talent development process.

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