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PLSQL Developer

PLSQL Developer

Department : Database Development
Qualification : Bachelor’s degree


Responsible for writing programs, functions and queries in order to manipulate the data and structure of a database using the Structured Query Language. Also for querying a database to generate reports or aggregate data for use by others


  • Develop and provide support to all system interfaces and coordinate with all project managers to provide specifications for all core modules
  • Coordinate with various developers, project managers and analyst to prepare designs for new applications and documents all processes to ensure effective evaluation of all applications
  • Analyze and ensure efficient transition of all technical design documents and develop various SQL packages to provide support to all application developers
  • Monitor and recommend changes if required to all PL/SQL packages and provide stored procedures and design and develop various relational database
  • Evaluate all architecture for oracle applications and prepare layouts for all logical models and maintain database objects for various application components
  • Design and implement various structures for all physical objects and recommend changes on applications through efficient statistical structures
  • Monitor and identify specific programming languages and recommend enhancement to all programs and evaluate all software resolution
  • Design and analyze all computer hardware, firmware and embedded systems and prepare and maintain various reports for metrics
  • Collaborate with various departments and perform research on all data processing functions
  • Participate in the development, enhancement and maintenance of database applications both as an individual contributor and as a team member
  • Participate in ongoing process improvement to ensure the databases scale with increased usage and data volume
  • Facilitate communication with third-party software vendors for issue resolution and requesting product enhancements
  • Manage and troubleshoot software installation and server configuration
  • Creation of custom reports
  • Evaluates and recommends software and hardware solutions to meet user needs
  • Interacts with business users, I/T, vendors and customers to define current and future application requirements.
  • Utilize industry standards and best practices to produce quality code.


Expertise with Oracle SQL, PL-SQL, XML, SSRS, Familiarity with CSS, HTML5 and other web technology, basic computer networking skills


Excellent independent, decision making capabilities and a solution oriented attitude, excellent verbal and written communication abilities

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