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Band 3 Admin

Manager – Admin

Department : Admin
Qualification : PG / Degree in any discipline from a reputed academic institute


To provide support and facilitate the employee requirements and maintaining general hygiene


Procurement and maintenance of Furniture and Appliances:

  • Procures the furniture and appliances as and when required in a cost effective way.
  • Draft and subsequently manage the approved office administration budget, providing recommended- actions and updates to senior management.
  • Oversees that records are kept for every courier whether received or dispatched.
  • General Hygiene – cleanliness of all parts of premises.
  • Oversee that the fixed assets register and inventory system are maintained and ensure all organizational assets are well maintained, repaired insured and secure.
  • Ensure safe custody of all records pertaining to assets like car papers, electric bills, any other assets of the organization
  • Checks the registers monthly for every Admin Activity
  • Manages and oversee the inflow and outflow of the Petty cash

Facility Management:

  • Provides facility during events like catering facility and booking of plots. Printing brochures etc.
  • Ensure that the employee related printing like ID card or business cards are done as per the approval and hierarchy.
  • Oversees Pantry Operation & Catering Service.

Office Equipment maintenance:

  • All the Office equipment printers, fax, lights, etc are checked for its usage.
  • Checks that any repair needed are done on time to ensure smooth workflow.

Support Staff Mangement:

  • Liaise with Housekeeping Service provider for cost – effective contract and monitor the attendance.
  • Make the contract agreement and see that the clauses of the agreement are adhered and renew the contract on time.
  • General Hygiene – cleanliness of all parts of premises are done properly.

Renovation & Expansion:

  • Arranges for labors on contract for any renovation or expansion needed in the premises in a cost effective manner.
  • Plans the space allocations in advance in consultation with HR for new hires.

Vendor Management:

  • Maintains good relationship with all vendors like stationary vendor, water vendor, electricity, plumber etc. to ensure they are available on time.
  • Makes contract with vendors and renews it on time,
  • Checks that the charges are as per the market only.

Travel Desk:

  • Oversee that the transport facilities are issued based on travel policy only.
  • Keeps record of all the travel plans issued to employees.
  • Checks for reimbursement as and when required.

Stationary Management:

  • Monitors that the stationary procurement and consumption are proper and for office use only.
  • Checks that requisition, bills and records are maintained properly


Vendor Management & Task orientation as per the priority


Presentable, task oriented, ability to accept challenges,; dynamic with strong commitment, perseverance attitude.

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