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Professional Tax Nagaland

Monthly Salary Professional Tax
Up to 4000 Rs Nil
4001 Rs – 5000 Rs 35 Rs / month
5001 Rs – 7000 Rs 75 Rs / month
7001 Rs – 9000 Rs 110 Rs / month
90001 Rs – 12000 Rs 180 Rs / month
12000 Rs or Above 208 Rs / month
Payment Due Date :30th April Every Year

Documents required

  1. Memmorandum Of Association
  2. Articles Of Association
  3. PAN Card
  4. Lease Agreement

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Our Vision is to Empower HR professionals working in Small and Medium Enterprises by publishing authentic and validated content related to Human Resource management. This will help HR professionals to have access of authentic documents across complete employee life cycle management published by HR subject matter experts. Pls. put across your questions to team of experts and learn from the best in the business and Lets grow together.