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Karnataka Wages

Class of Employment Zone Designation Total Per Day
Highly Skilled Pharmacist & Chemist,technical supervisor, other high skilled, asiistent manager, seniour accountant, Zone I 643
Zone II 615
Zone III 588
Zone IV 562
Skilled Compounder, salesman/sales girl, Photo artist, Photographer, watch/radio/TV/Optical/Lift machanic, Technician/Machenical, Carpenter, Polisher, Refractionarian, Hair Dresser, Air Condition plant operator, Umbrela Suitcase maker, seniour clerk, cashier, judgement writer, stenographer, storekeeper, receptionist, Any other equivalant position, heavy vehicale?tractor/multiaxle vehicle/earchmover/ driver, Crane mounted motorist, road roler driver, road construction vehicale driver. Zone I 589
Zone II 563
Zone III 539
Zone IV 516
Semi-Skilled Bill Collector,Bill Clerk, Godown Keeper, Booking clerk, Assistant Sales man/girl, Assistant Photo artist, shop assistant, Packer, Gas supplier, stove repairer, Painter, Fruit Juice or Lassi maker, junier clerk, booking clerk, computer operator, typist, telephone operator, Data entry operator,car/ jeep/ light moter vehicle/ Tumtum/ three vehicle Driver, Zone I 540
Zone II 517
Zone III 494
Zone IV 473
Unskilled Messenger, weighing man, Bicycle fitter/Repairer, workers engaged in drying, storing, washing, ironing, measuring, loading and unloading in warehouse, godown and showrooms,workers engaged in grinding establishment services, General workers and clerical cadre, Gunny stitchers, peon, watchman, lift operator, office boy, attender, helper, mazdoor, Sweeper. Zone I 495
Zone II 474
Zone III 454
Zone IV 435
Field Staff Zone II Security Officer - Security Services 550.12
Zone I Security Inspector - Security Services 522.12
Zone II Security Inspector - Security Services 508.12
Zone I Head Guard 511.12
Zone II Head Guard 498.12
Zone I Security Guard 482.74
Zone II Security Guard 469.74

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