Top hiring trends in 2021



“Time spent on hiring is time well spent”– Robert Half

The year 2020 saw a commotion take over, one that no one had any control over, and one that had everyone rethinking their strategies both for survival and existence. As the world united in fighting against the pandemic, organizations and business structures saw a sudden slump.

Now, that things are going back to a certain level of normalcy, the demands for hiring talent is gaining momentum as well. As per a survey conducted by CareerNet Technologies, 50% of the organizations will hire to get completely functional.   Though things are returning to normal, there are certain changes that we all have to accept. There are several future trends in recruitment that will dominate hiring in 2021.

With more organizations understanding the perks of remote working, employees are getting empowered by being given the option of working from anywhere. As remote working is one of the talent acquisition trends 2021, that needs to be met talent hunters and HR recruiters will need to meet the numbers keeping in mind these radical 2021 hiring trends. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the prominent 2021 staffing trends that will shape the future of recruitment.

  • Evolution in the working patterns: The one big evolution in the working patterns is that location is no longer a key factor that affects the hiring norms. Businesses now have the option of hiring talented people from different cities and even  countries. Digital recruitment trends are more technology-driven so that they can rely on communication models that help them plan remote working in a better way.
  • Artificially Intelligent Recruitment: The ways of hiring may have changed but the need to hire the right people is still crucial. In order to save time and hire more efficiently, recruitment is more driven on data and facts. Hiring 2021 focuses more on the quality and talent of the people rather than being driven by biases. With the help of AI analytics, they can also predict the upcoming future trends in recruitment.
  • Digitally powered Employees: Being technologically secured is the only way of powering in the right direction as organizations that are looking to look beyond the cliched norms of hiring. HR hiring trends 2021 has more organizations powering their team with the power of digital enhancement that allows them to work from absolutely anywhere.
  • Opportunities for Freelancers: One of the biggest changes that can be seen in the world 2021 hiring trends is that businesses are concentrating more on project-based hiring than focusing on bulk and long term hire.  This has been a big boon for all those people who are in the field of freelancing. The rise in the trend of giving more opportunities to freelancers is another thing that is set to be the future trend in recruitment.
  • Retention is the new policy: Most people feel that HR means hiring and firing people, but that definition is about to change. Going forward, HR trends 2021 will focus more on retaining people, than focusing on letting go of people. In challenging times like this, it has become crucial to retain all the good people who can work towards the common goal of achieving your business goals.

The times ahead are going to be more challenging and it is a must that 2021 staffing trends are focussed on so that both businesses and manpower can thrive and work together in a positive direction.

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